Monday, January 9, 2012


Today was a long day. I returned to work after a week off and that's always hard. When the morning alarm striked this morning I could not believe it ... To get to your office and to find a table full of papers, piles of letters and emails without reading and that feeling of not knowing where to start is not much better ... but nevertheless, today was ​​a day of sun and lot´s of cold, the morning has gone relatively quickly, I went to do the groceries, I prepared lunch for my adorable husband and I enjoyed the weak afternoon sun on the terrace, I cooked lentils to eat tomorrow, I turned a couple of candles and I sat down to enjoy the darkness of the ocean through the windows of my room and I can say I feel incredibly good.

By the way, yesterday we thoroughly enjoyed with our delicious Sunday morning walk and afternoon we went to A Coruña because we had to have coffee with our friends Sabela & Javi. We were in a place that we love "Pandelino" (if you are from A Coruña and you have not gone yet I recommend it anytime, you can enjoy from a full breakfast at a complete brunch, a lunch of gourmet sandwiches, salads, soups , tea ...) and then we went to have  dinner at a place we did not know and I've been really pleased, it is called Spoom. It's an Italian restaurant that bases its cooking in artisans and natural products. We ordered a salad (ummmm) and delicious toast and talked and talked and laughed ... and it got super late but what would be life without this kind of days ... I do not want to know.

Friends, happy week ... lots of encouragement, on Monday (which is worse) is over and that means less for next Friday!

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