Monday, October 8, 2012

Dinner at home: Manu & Debo

Honestly, these past few days I started to cutting down the nightlife ....this is probably because it´s during the night when I have more swollen feet and I find it hard to walk ... I feel like my belly is weighing a ton and really there are days when I feel really uncomfortable ...

For this reason, the best way to continue to have some "socializing nights" is organizing a dinner at our house ... something that you already know that I love!

This past Saturday we were with Manu & Debo, and as always with them we enjoyed a wonderful night that lasted until very late... It's great when you're with someone talking and talking and suddenly you realize that it's 4 am ... that means you've been enjoying so much!

I have to admit it was my mother who prepared this tasty meal ... she knew I was going to organize a dinner that night at my house and made this recipe full of love for me (her poor pregnant daughter) she prepared this delicious grilled apple chicken to save us the effort...she´s undoubtedly the best mother in the world!

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