Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nursery in progress

Now, yes, I think the countdown has begun ... I'm officially 37 weeks pregnant and will be 38 weeks next Sunday ... So my doctor said that my pregnancy is at term and birth from now on could be any time ... even so, in a normal situation I would be given birth at 40 weeks pregnancy. 

But just in case ... I prefer to go slowly. Having everything prepared and to avoid the typical last minute stress ... So this week we prepared our baby Enzo's crib...

Maybe it's a little early because the first months he will be in his bassinet, with us, in our bedroom, but maybe sometime during the day, I can put him a little bit in his crib to slowly getting used to his room ... Anyway, I was tremendously happy when I finally saw his crib ready and I sincerely believe that the result has been beautiful ... What do you think?

Tomorrow I will go back to my weekly appointments with my doctor to do monitoring, ultrasound, etc ... and I can not wait to return to see our little boy on screen.

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